Custer Custom Leather Co.

Handmade leather goods, Columbia, KY

So, you're thinking about a C.C.L. belt but, the question is...what size?

Method #1: If you're ordering based on an old belt, use the following technique. THIS TECHNIQUE IS RECOMENDED!

Just lay your old belt on a flat surface, measure from where the material bends around the buckle to the hole you use most, and voila! That'll be the size you need. It really is that simple! For an oddball size, please feel free to contact me to have a custom belt made. You may also jump UP to the next even number (if you have a size 37, jump to 38.) 

If you're going off your pants size, just purchase the next size up (if you wear a 32 pants size, buy a 34 belt.) The method described above is considerably more reliable, due to the possibility of your pants having stretched with use. 

If you intend to carry inside-the-waistband, go UP one (1) size from your current belt, and UP TWO (2) sizes from you current pants.

Should you have ANY questions/concerns about what size to purchase, please don't hesitate to give me a call or email for assistance. I would be happy to help in whatever way possible.