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Warrior (Blackout)


The Warrior is an incredibly versatile option for concealed carry; this line will provide a satisfactory level of stability for any firearm up to a full-size 1911. You'll find them to consist of two layers of US cowhide laminated with top-quality adhesive (manufactured in the US) and stitched with US-made thread. Ending up at approximately 3/16 of an inch in thickness and 1 1/2" in width, you're left with a nearly crush-proof, unfailing, solid platform for the holster and weapon of your choice. The edges are trued, hand-sanded, and buffed to a glassy-slick finish. I chose a tannery-dyed leather for the Warrior which is responsible for the high degree of consistency in dye and overall finish. My tannery's choice of high-quality clear coat results in an almost flawless finish, that's absolutely gorgeous and bleed-proof. Go ahead and pick yourself up one in Blackout and Brown, and never have to buy another belt; these things are tough as nails! As with all Custer Custom belts, the Chicago screws on the Warrior line are secured with 222 (Purple) Loctite.

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